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About IHB

About IHB

About us

India Heritage Beauty Pageant believes in giving people a platform to fulfill their dreams and work towards their goals with determination, perseverance, and integrity. We excel in organizing events that bring out the best in Beauty Pageant applicants. Our pageants are not simply for the purpose of finding a winner but to show that they are all winners. Through these and several such events, we empower our women with self-confidence and a strong sense of belief in themselves. We provide comprehensive training to our contestants, including personal grooming and cultural awareness of life after the pageant. We promise all our contestants a fair and honest competition. We give them an experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to meet with lifelong friends.

Following the global and international success of the previous year’s pageant, IHB will be held in India.

Indian Heritage Beauty Pageant provides An exceptional platform for Kids, Teen, Miss, Mr, Mrs, and Plus size from all over the world, to realize their dreams to fruition. A breakthrough pageant to showcase your unique talents, extraordinary strength, and distinguished personality on the world stage.

With the motto “Beauty with a Purpose”, the aim of the Indian Heritage Beauty Pageant has always been to provide a platform for strong, independent, and smart men and women to showcase their personalities while being role models for everywhere. Each year, the pageant picks a charitable organization as the charity partner and strives to build awareness and raise funds for the organization.

The pageant provides an opportunity for contestants to build their confidence, stage presence, and personalities while networking with other smart people! This will be a memorable experience for everyone who participates regardless of the results. So we invite eligible candidates to seize the opportunity by taking advantage of this unique platform and stepping out of their comfort zones!


Why we are doing?

The aim of our competition is for all candidates to build self-confidence, Creating opportunities, Giving back to the community & Evolve the diamonds in all the candidates. We are a friendly and relaxed organization many of our contestants might have never competed in a pageant before but we ensure they feel completely comfortable through the competition. All contestants learn new things every time in the mentoring & grooming sessions. We understand that not all of the contestants can win the trophy but our goal is to ensure that they all return home with great & new memories.

To promote the beauty & uniqueness of our Indian heritage, cultural awareness, and community pride. "To increase the level of awareness, through effective influential broadcasting and other media campaigns, of the current environmental issues."

To promote care, preservation, and protection to be the environment through viral environmental campaigns. To build strong community ties while making a statement to preserve and appreciate nature. 

To build a public image for our target group to become a trendsetter and spokesperson in relation to environmental protection campaigns. To enhance communication with young people on how to be personally responsible to protect their environment as a day-to-day task.

If beauty can launch a thousand ships, it can help protect and preserve the environment.

"Application lines are open till 15th July 2020"