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Trident Events & Media is a 360-degree media solution and content company, one of the few which is adept in strategic media relations for brand building with operations in India, and the United Kingdom, providing services and solutions on all platforms of Event Management, Media, Advertising, Social Media from print to electronic.

The company also can create and produce content on all entertainment platforms, from live events to corporate events. We at Trident want to bridge the gap between global entertainment industries, create an essential space for different worlds to meet and collaborate; encourage interactions between industries and the public forum.

We foster valuable relationships between people from various sectors of the entertainment industry including beauty, fashion, and music. By producing panels and workshops featuring a diversity of highly-respected, successful professionals, Trident Communications has quickly become an invaluable source for insights into emerging global markets for fashion, beauty, and music.

We have clients from various sectors like sports, corporate, entertainment, beauty, music, and fashion.

Trident Events & Media had been awarded in London Parliament twice in the past few years for their outstanding contribution to event technology. The company launched their two renowned events in India in February 2020 in association with ICMEI (International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry). In the digital world during COVID-19, the company completed its first Online Talent Show in May 2020 with a high number of registration. Trident Events & Media supporting, Lions Club Delhi Veg, Rajasthani Academy and WH Foundation Delhi in different social causes. The firm has been awarded by Jacqueline Fernandez renowned Bollywood actress in Taj Hotel in New Delhi

Trident Events & Media successfully completed 6 Award shows where we have felicitated circa 500 individuals in their respective fields.


Humanitarian Trade Collaborative (HTC) UK Summit

London, United Kingdom

The Humanitarian Trade Collaborative UK Summit (HTC) stands as a dedicated initiative characterized by a clear and resolute purpose and vision. Its primary and overarching purpose revolves around the advocacy and promotion of ethical trade practices, sustainability, and the embodiment of humanitarian values within the expansive realm of the global business community. The HTC envisions a world where the act of trade evolves into a powerful force for societal betterment, underpinned by unwavering commitments to ethical sourcing, transparent production processes, and the holistic well-being of every stakeholder involved.

In summation, the HTC UK Summit is emblematic of a convergence of profound purpose and visionary aspirations. Its purpose revolves around the cultivation of ethical trade, sustainability, and humanitarian values, extending its influence not solely within the United Kingdom but on an international scale. Its vision paints a future where ethical commerce is the global standard, with the United Kingdom positioned as a torchbearer for responsible trade practices. Through collaborative partnerships and engaged dialogues, this summit seeks to usher in tangible change, where trade evolves into a potent force for positive social impact and environmental preservation. It underscores the belief that trade, when guided by ethics and humanitarian values, possesses the transformative capacity to craft a brighter future for all.

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Our core competency is our ability to engineer attention in media through its various platforms of print, electronic, and digital. For more information, please contact us via email or phone.

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Conferences, Seminars, Product Launch, Mall Activations, Road Shows, In-shop Brandings, Rural Marketing.

Brand Solutions

Trident Communications is adept in providing all-round solutions and strategies for any brand or brand related exercises. The team.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing provides efficient services in Web Design & Development, Graphic Design & Brand Identity.

Corporate Events

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"Humanitarian Trade Collaborative: UK Summit"

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WH Foundation

"We listen with care and concern. We are a non-profitable org. focused on child education, women empowerment, and awareness of Art, Culture & Tourism."



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